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€6.89 €11.29
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  • Nintendo Model: NES
  • Číslo Modelu: WCX191120CRSB
  • Funkcia: Plug and play
  • Názov Značky: ÚDAJE ŽABA
  • Druh: Radič USB Herný Ovládač Gamepad ovládač Pre Nintendo SNES/PC
  • Package: No
  • Vhodná 1: Pre Nintendo SNES Gamepad Ovládací Joystick
  • Typ Rozhrania: USB
  • Model: Káblové USB Radič
  • Kompatibilné Značka/Model: Nintendo
  • Vhodný 2: Pre Windows7/8/10/MAC Počítač, Ovládací Joystick

RETROMAX Radič USB Herný Ovládač Gamepad ovládač Pre Nintendo SNES Gamepad/Windows7/8/10/MAC Počítač, Ovládací Joystick

Vynikajúci pocit(Dva Štýly Model)

1、Spoločný Model 2、Autonómne Model


Spoločný Model: 14 cm*6typ (Káblová 180 cm)

Autonómny Model: 12 cm*5.3 cm (Káblová 140 cm)

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Čo je Zahrnuté

1*Ovládací Joystick

First impression is good, we'll see how they respond with hours of play.
Beautiful will see if works in Firestick control
Hermoso a mi sobrinito le encantó muchas gracias. Todo funciona muy bien. Recomiendo 100% al vendedor.
Average gamepad, pleasant to the touch, not particularly responsive, but for this money will come down.
The goods are good, I would even say excellent, but... ordered a red gamepad, but came Green. But it is worth considering that the seller contacted me and warned, that red is out of stock and offered an alternative in the form of Luigi color or Kirby. In general, delivered quickly (to Belarus in 23 days), packed perfectly, the GamePad is very nice to hold in your hands. Took for playing RetroArch emulator on Android console, but while there is a problem with the power supply, I decided to check on the PC, everything works well, the buttons do not fill in and the GamePad has good sensitivity. In general, I advise, but if you want to buy gamepad of a certain color, ask the seller in advance. And so I will definitely take the second, when another coloring appears.

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